What We Do

Beautifully Crafted and Designed

Beautiful scented paper products, crafted by highly skilled lovely people in Great Britain.

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High Quality UK Manufacturing

No matter how big or small, your project will be supported by staff with over 20 years’ experience in the industry. Our team will work closely with you to develop your ideas and artwork, match fragrances and develop fragrance performance for your own brand products. We’ll also White Sample to test your project is working and is within an agreed time frame.

Specialist Print Finishes

The PFC expert team has many years of experience in providing specialised print finishes for client products. Our comprehensive range of print finishes include; die cutting, laminating, foil blocking, embossing, folding and binding. Consider these finishes when you want to add a touch of class to your products.

Be Remembered

The link between scent and memory is well documented. Many of our customers use our expertise to help with their scent marketing for brand engagement. From small bespoke ideas to large projects, we can help you make an impact. This is ideal for fragrance introductions, samples and market tests, as well as heritage and nostalgia products.

Anything is Possible

If it involves product and fragrance, we can produce it. Our high quality scented product range includes; drawer liners, sachets, wardrobe and car fresheners, plus notebooks, stationery, greetings cards and wrapping paper. We also produce folding cartons and packaging to the same high standard as our fragranced products. This ensures your products can be packaged together in perfect harmony and matching is maintained.

  • Support you can trust

  • Each project goes through our strict checking process. This begins with an objectives setting session, which makes sure the right product is specified.

    We then provide a quote and, once this is accepted, we move on to making sure the fragrance is stable and compatible with the chosen paper stock. A proof card of the chosen scent is provided and  final artwork is checked before making sure everything is signed off via our approval form.

    Only then do we produce a digital proof of the packaging before actually printing and delivering the finished product.

  • Using our products

  • Our products are used all over the world including; corporate/branded gifts and promotional products, clothing care and as part of fragranced product ranges. They are also used in the wellbeing sector for sensory awareness and health and even in the veterinary industry.

    Fragrance can be used for so many things and with our expertise we can really help get it right. Why not contact us today to find out how a printed fragranced product could help reach your target audience?