About Us

The Print Fragrancing Company was founded by Mark and Richard who between them have over 75 years of specialist printing expertise. The two are supported by a close knit team of experienced staff who work in partnership with clients and who have also built excellent relationships with major retailers.


We offer a complete turnkey service from initial design to the final product finished, ready for retail. Our vast specialist experience means that we can help you create and manufacture bespoke scented products that complement your brand.


Comprehensive Service and Expertise

We recognise the importance of developing a product that is tailored to the individual requirements of our clients. Our service is fully comprehensive for those who demand quality, innovation, reliability and who have a desire to source their products competitively in the UK.


Our plant includes specialist facilities for design, quality printing, cutting and creasing, fragrancing, folding, gluing, tagging and packing. It compliments everything from modern printing machines to our grand old lady Heidelberg press, which is still working for us on specialist jobs at nearly 60!


Ethical, Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

We are also ethically minded and work hard to keep our products as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. This knowledge enables us to help clients and help the planet too.   We use suppliers that are registered with the International Fragrance Research Association (IFRA) a global federation which ensures agreed standards.  We are also members of the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture Programme which has seen over 95,000 native trees planted in the UK since it started.


We are proud to be one of the best at what we do and honoured to consider some of the finest, most major retailers and leading brands our clients.  These retailers cover the UK and international markets in Home Fragrance, Gift and Toiletries.


We can provide a range of speciality packaging option including NatureFlex™ a compostable bio film, or Polylactic Acid (PLA) biodegradable film bags.  Made from renewable resources, these films aim to drive the flexible packaging industry towards more sustainable solutions.  It offers consumers the possibility of choosing natural products, which is something we feel passionate about.

A strong and consistent brand will allow your customers to know exactly what to expect each time they encounter your business.  A professional appearance will build credibility and trust.  That’s why we take care and work that bit harder to achieve your aims.  We’ll work with your graphic designer, your brand, your style, font and logo to produce the quality that your customers have come to expect.


The Best of Both Worlds

We manufacture for discerning and prestigious customers across the globe. Combining our traditional methods and care with the latest modern print techniques gives clients heritage products just right for the modern world, ensuring the best of the old and the best of the new in one product.


Our huge amount of specialist expertise ensures that your ideas will be supported and developed from concept to finished product. You will see from our testimonials that providing a positive customer service is as important as the products we produce. We are proud to be a British company, producing quality products at competitive prices in the UK and delivering them all over the world.

Ethical Commitment

The Print Fragrancing Company has invested much time, effort and capital to become members of Sedex and adhere to Sedex (SMETA) standards for social and ethical compliance.

Carbon Capture

We are a carbon capture company in partnership with Premier Paper and the Woodland Trust. The paper we use is Forest Stewardship Council Certified (FSC), sourced in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable manner.  Low Carbon Footprint ‘one stop shopping’ means one delivery to your warehouse.

Low Carbon Footprint

Working with us can help to shrink your products’ carbon footprint.  We offer manufacturing, packaging and storing facilities under one roof, avoiding the need for environmentally damaging air transportation and multiple deliveries. Products can be transported in one delivery direct from our UK factory.

experienced staff/world-class knowledge
great customer service/friendly/good communication
UK quality manufacture
efficient/meet deadlines/quick response
traditional/modern methods
reasonable cost
carbon capture/carbon footprint



    Lancing, West Sussex, United Kingdom

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