The power of scent can enhance positive brand
image and boost revenue

The Print Fragrancing Company is a market leading expert in developing scented paper product innovations.
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  • What we do

  • We are specialists in printing fragrance onto paper and card to produce high quality products for home, work and travel use.

    • Scented drawer liners
    • Scented sachets
    • Scented tags
    • Scented promotional products
    • Scented stationery and notebooks

  • Why us

  • We offer over 40 years of expertise and are proud to say our products are ‘Made in Britain’. We are also environmentally friendly and sustainable in our working methods.

    • Traditional and modern print methods combined
    • UK high quality manufacture
    • Only scent printing company in the UK
    • We work with customers globally
    • Ethical & Sustainable Practice

Sample Product Ranges

Drawer Liners

Scented Sachets